Here are the podcasts I’m tracking at the moment, with a link to a notable recent episode.

EconTalk – Lengthy interviews with experts on economics and social science. e.g. Acemoglu on Why Nations Fail

In Our Time – Panel discussions on random topics from history and science. e.g. Voltaire’s Candide

Planet Money – News coverage of economics that presents complex ideas quite simply. e.g. Cage Match: Coin Vs. Bill

Surprisingly Free – Interviews with experts on the internet and new technologies in general. e.g. Naomi Cahn on the digital afterlife

This American Life – Stories from Americans on random topics from current affairs to childhood memories. The best show of its kind. e.g. Retraction

More or Less – Entertaining investigations into numbers that appear in the media from Tim Harford. e.g. Austerity, border queues and bank holidays

Savage Love – Relationship and sex advice show. Equal parts entertaining, useful and disgusting. e.g. Savage Love Episode 287

While we are talking about  it, I also use BeyondPod to keep the episodes on my phone up to date! Podcasts are good for commuting and exercising, if you’re not yet hooked on them.